Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Another fun DIY!

Do you love adorable little vintage teacups?
Do you love pretty smelling candles?

Then this DIY is perfect for you!

I noticed I had a lot of really pretty lone teacups, some with saucers, some without. Chances are I'd never find mates for most of them, but didn't want to get rid of them because they're just so darn pretty!

Soon after, I found the cutest DIY tutorial on marthastewart.com and thought I'd give it a try.


Wax (You may also melt down excess candles)
Wicks with sustainers
Vintage teacups
Hot glue gun
Fragrance oils (optional)

First step is to wash and dry all of your little teacups thoroughly. You don't want any little floaties in your candles :)

Next, put all of your wax in a microwavable container. I used soy wax, but any type works! I put mine in for about a minute at a time, stirred, then put it in for another minute. I repeated this until it was all melted. When it's melted, it should look something like this.

This is where you should add any dyes or fragrances to your wax. I chose not to dye my wax, but if you decide to, make sure you use a candle dye. Regular food coloring will not work because it's water based and will not blend properly with the wax. As for fragrance, there are many types of fragrance oils and essential oils you can add. I just used my Body Shop home fragrance oil in Mandarin and Tangelo. It smells amazing!

Next, you must glue your wicks/sustainers to the bottom of the teacup so it doesn't float around once you add your wax. Apply a tiny dot of glue to the bottom, and press firmly to the bottom of the teacup. Make sure to center it! As far as I know, this should not damage the teacup.

Finally, pour your wax into the cups. I noticed my wicks kind of strayed off to one side, so I just put some pens on the top to keep them perfectly centered. I've seen tutorials where women have used skewers taped together with the wick held in between, but I'm lazy and this worked just fine, haha!

I left these to fully harden overnight. Trim the wicks down to size, and light it up. They're absolutely beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed this fun little vintage DIY. If you decide to make these, be sure to show me yours in the comments below!

Goodnight xox


  1. Lovely tutorial, thank you for sharing

    1. Thank you Viktoria! And thanks for stopping by :)

    2. I buy Aynsley China for my sister in law and I thought this would be cool to do with it as a gift but I just want to make sure it wont damage it. So if anyone has done this can you just reassure me by telling me if your cups were damage at all by the gluing or burning the candles? Thank you

    3. I would not apply glue to a cup that is going to be used later with food. It might come off easily, but you may damage the finish. I believe most people use old cups for candles..........