Monday, 27 May 2013

Pretty treasures on an ugly day!

Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well on this dreary May afternoon. I figured it was time to share my latest findings! Haven't had the greatest luck as of lately, but then again, I haven't actively been looking as much as I used to. I had such high hopes for the 'district wide garage sale', yet found absolutely nothing! Hopefully you guys have been having better luck :)

Anyways! Here they are

My best finds for the month are my 441 and 442 pink gooseberry! I got the 442 from a lady in Mission, and bought the 441 on Ebay from a woman who turns out is part of the same Pyrex group on Facebook as I am! Very happy I've completed my set. This makes 2 complete sets now :)

Secondly, is my new 403 opal, found by my North Van friend Tracy, who never ceases to amaze me with her finds! They may be plain, but they look awesome with my pink set :) Can't wait to finish this one as well

My mom and I dug these gorgeous plates out of her gross, dark, spider ridden back shed. I thought we had cleared all the boxes out, but after one last check, found these beauties and was beyond pleasantly surprised! They're very old and made in Indonesia, and have the most gorgeous intricate pattern. That's about as much as I know about them! If anyone has any info on these, I'd love to hear!

In the same box as the pink dishes, there was this Indiana blue carnival glass trinket box. I believe its called 'Eagles and Stars' but don't quote me on it! I love the colour of this one. It'll be going up for sale soon on so if you like this one, then keep a look out :)

Next is the lovely Blue Scroll, which Tracy found for me in a Craigslist ad. It's in nearly perfect condition and looks awesome with the Pink Scroll (which by the way, I was seconds away from selling, until this bowl came along!)

These next 2 bowls I found in the most unlikely of places! I went up to check on my secluded family cabin for the first time this season, since the snow has melted. The last time I had been up there, I wasn't collecting Pyrex at the time, and don't even think I noticed these. But this time, I was immediately drawn to them! Funny thing is, I was looking for a red 402 for the longest time months ago. Also in the picture is a little 'sirena' a friend found for me. Very cute, and looks great with my pink dishes :)

I also very recently picked up these gorgeous ceramic deer bookends from a friend here in Chilliwack. They may not be vintage, but they look absolutely amazing with vintage books :)

Last but not least, a cute kitty with vintage drinkware :)

Have a great day!

PS: You see that gorgeous fabric used in my background photos? Keep an eye out for a fun DIY in the near future :)


  1. Great finds !.. Isn't it neat that some of the greatest finds are the in the closest places to you.

    1. I agree completely! The things I've found down there are mindblowing. And one would never expect it, in water damaged, spider ridden cardboard boxes! Haha