Friday, 15 March 2013

Childhood Memories

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well :)

I was recently over at my moms house, and I guess she's been doing a bit of cleaning and organizing lately. She told me she went through her closet and found a bunch of my old Barbie stuff, and a few random things that I used to love when I was little. It definitely brought back a lot of memories seeing all these little things again. Something that had once meant SO much, I had completely forgotten about.

Now a lot of this stuff is quite a bit older than me. My mom and I have been thrifting together since I was little, and so a lot of these things are just thrifted things I picked out. All of the Barbie things are from the 1970's I believe!

First up are these insanely awesome vintage Barbie cases. I only got pictures of the outsides, but the insides of them are just as cool. The larger one has 3 slots, that fit 3 barbies, while the smaller one just fits one. They both have little 'closets' in them to hang the clothes, and little accessory drawers to put any shoes or trinkets. I absolutely loved these when I was little.

Next up is this adorable set of homemade Barbie furniture. I specifically remember my mom purchasing this at a storage container sale. The kinds where if someone doesn't pay the rent on their storage container after so long, the contents get sold in a garage sale type thing. I totally wish they still did this! It makes me kind of sad, because I remember my mom buying a gigantic box of Barbie stuff, with this furniture in it. Some little girl lost all of her treasures because her parents didn't pay the rent, definitely sad!

The furniture itself is definitely different. I have NO idea what this process is called, so if someone could help me, that would be great. The only way to explain it is thread woven through pieces of plastic with holes in it? That's the best I can do haha. But you can tell a lot of work went into it, and I love it to bits.

Now for the actual Barbie! I don't think I actually ever was allowed to play with this one. But she's definitely old, from the 1970's. I couldn't believe how much detail was put into her outfit and earrings. Even her little jeans have a zipper, and the coat has the tiniest little button! Even after all these years, the ends of her ponytail and her bangs are perfectly curled. I'd love to know what Mattel uses in their Barbies hair, because my hairspray lasts 1 hour, not 40+ years! Here she is!

And last but not least! This little guy was my absolute favorite, from what I hear. This bunny, which I called 'Buddy', was with me at all times. I carried the poor thing around by it's neck, so as you can see.. there isn't a whole lot of support there anymore. There's literally no fur in there at all.

I really hope I have a little girl someday, so I can pass off all these cute little treasures to her. I had a lot more Barbie stuff, that was actually hand-me-downs from my aunt, but she ended up having 3 girls, so it was all given back to her. There was some cool stuff in there!

I'd love to see your favorite childhood toys, or even hear about them. Post about them in the comments below :)

Have a great day xox


  1. I remember my barbies...oh dear. my grandma and dad used to make us hand made barbie clothes and furniture. I always thought it was SO cool.
    I love that 1970's barbie! She has got some wicked style!
    My favourite toy was always my cabbage patch doll, which is now passed onto my daughter. I got her I believe for my first christmas, so she's about 24 years old. Still have all her original clothes and shoes (although one shoe has recently gone missing..)
    I remember having barbie/random doll "hotels" and "restaurants" and living vicariously through the dolls...good memories. Thanks for the trip through time!

    1. I used to have this huge wooden barbie house and all this super cool furniture! I wish I hadn't gotten rid of all of it. It's so fun going through old toys :)