Thursday, 21 February 2013

Exciting new treasures

Hello friends!

So I decided to go out today for some serious thrifting. I ended up finding a ton of great stuff! I think my fiance dies a little inside every time he sees all my purchases unpacked and together in one photo. All the things you see below are now for sale in my shop.

As for myself, I scored some amazing things for my 'pink' collection today. First is the beautiful Pyrex 'Pink Scroll' promo casserole WITH holder. Words cannot explain how happy I was to find this. All it's missing is it's lid, which I'm sure I will find eventually in my travels.

Beautiful, am I right?!

Second, is my BNIB Pyrex Snowflake divided casserole. Mint condition! This is my first piece of Pyrex that comes with it's box, so naturally I am ecstatic. Be jealous.

Last but not least, is my pair of little Hazel Atlas occasional dishes in their original boxes. These aren't rare, or particularly valuable, but they are cute and I love them. I think I just have a thing for vintage glassware in their boxes. Check them out!

Is that little apple cute or what? 

That's all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed my new treasures as much as I do! If you see anything you like in the first picture, head on over to my shop and send me a message! Good night xox

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