Thursday, 18 July 2013

Cooking and baking with vintage Pyrex

We've all heard those horrific stories of people using one of their gorgeous vintage Pyrex pieces to bake dinner in, then seeing the aftermath... a shattered mess in the oven.

Just recently, someone in one of the Facebook Pyrex groups posted a picture of a shattered pink daisy casserole that just broke my heart. I think that one forever scarred me from using mine, or at least made me REALLY reconsider ever doing so.

How many of you use your Pyrex for your day to day cooking? Good experiences or bad experiences? I've been thinking about it more and more lately. It just seems to me like a casserole would taste just that much better if it was made in my pink gooseberry :)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

New pretties!

Hello everyone! Hope you're enjoying your summer thus far. It's been ridiculously hot here for the last little while, so I haven't been thrifting as much. In fact, I've been spending my afternoons watching Mad Men.. in hopes I'll get glimpses of vintage glassware (a bit psychotic, yes?).  Over the last month I have found myself some nice things though, despite not going out much.

I completely re-arranged my hutch, and made it strictly, pink, jadeite and milk glass. I got myself a new jadeite batter bowl, a few saucers and a new bowl.. so I figured I should display them

I also rearranged my cupboard with the see through door, with a bunch of new things I've got, plus older things I've had for a while. I recently fell in love with those vintage silver ombre whiskey glasses.. and found a set of 4 stemmed ones a few days ago. I don't know anything about them, but I think they're gorgeous!

Recently, I took a liking to vintage melamine dishes.. more specifically the pink and turquoise. Over the last few weeks I found a few turquoise pieces. The berry bowls are in crappy condition, but I haven't even gotten around to trying to clean them yet. Does anyone have any tips?

My mom found me a 471 Butterprint casserole to go with my 472 that I found months ago. I've had awful luck with Butterprint, and have only been able to find a 401 and 402 in the last 6 months. So needless to say, ecstatic with her find! Look how cute they are! The 471's are by far my favorite piece

My fiance found me this little set of Hazel Atlas 'Little Hostess' moderntone dishes. Only 3 plates and a sugar bowl, but I cannot tell you how amazed I was that he was able to pick these out. This little set is from the 1950's and is SO cute. I'd eventually like to get a whole set of the pastel colors.. although when I have kids, I don't think I'd trust them with these :)

During the same trip, he also found me this strange old refrigerator dish. It was absolutely filthy, and I had little hope that it would ever look presentable again, but for the price, it was worth a shot. I let it soak overnight and it turned out great! Does anyone have any information on this? I've got a clear version of this as well, and a matching butter dish that I got from my mom a while back.

It was a great week for vintage glassware as well! The first set is a gorgeous Dominion glass set. I was able to find 8 of them. The second set is Libbey, unfortunately there were only 5, but I love the turquoise and gold. Both sets are in unusually great condition too!


Last but not least, I found my first fun vintage item at a garage sale. Chilliwack has been terrible for good quality vintage items at garage sales. This is a mint condition Libbey sugar and creamer set in its holder. Very 'Mad Men' if I do say so :)

And that's it for today! Enjoy the beautiful weather, and happy thrifting!


Monday, 27 May 2013

Pretty treasures on an ugly day!

Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well on this dreary May afternoon. I figured it was time to share my latest findings! Haven't had the greatest luck as of lately, but then again, I haven't actively been looking as much as I used to. I had such high hopes for the 'district wide garage sale', yet found absolutely nothing! Hopefully you guys have been having better luck :)

Anyways! Here they are

My best finds for the month are my 441 and 442 pink gooseberry! I got the 442 from a lady in Mission, and bought the 441 on Ebay from a woman who turns out is part of the same Pyrex group on Facebook as I am! Very happy I've completed my set. This makes 2 complete sets now :)

Secondly, is my new 403 opal, found by my North Van friend Tracy, who never ceases to amaze me with her finds! They may be plain, but they look awesome with my pink set :) Can't wait to finish this one as well

My mom and I dug these gorgeous plates out of her gross, dark, spider ridden back shed. I thought we had cleared all the boxes out, but after one last check, found these beauties and was beyond pleasantly surprised! They're very old and made in Indonesia, and have the most gorgeous intricate pattern. That's about as much as I know about them! If anyone has any info on these, I'd love to hear!

In the same box as the pink dishes, there was this Indiana blue carnival glass trinket box. I believe its called 'Eagles and Stars' but don't quote me on it! I love the colour of this one. It'll be going up for sale soon on so if you like this one, then keep a look out :)

Next is the lovely Blue Scroll, which Tracy found for me in a Craigslist ad. It's in nearly perfect condition and looks awesome with the Pink Scroll (which by the way, I was seconds away from selling, until this bowl came along!)

These next 2 bowls I found in the most unlikely of places! I went up to check on my secluded family cabin for the first time this season, since the snow has melted. The last time I had been up there, I wasn't collecting Pyrex at the time, and don't even think I noticed these. But this time, I was immediately drawn to them! Funny thing is, I was looking for a red 402 for the longest time months ago. Also in the picture is a little 'sirena' a friend found for me. Very cute, and looks great with my pink dishes :)

I also very recently picked up these gorgeous ceramic deer bookends from a friend here in Chilliwack. They may not be vintage, but they look absolutely amazing with vintage books :)

Last but not least, a cute kitty with vintage drinkware :)

Have a great day!

PS: You see that gorgeous fabric used in my background photos? Keep an eye out for a fun DIY in the near future :)

Friday, 3 May 2013

Me.. Lately

Hello everyone! Hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather.

I've come to realize that I've been slacking on blogging, and need to start sharing my treasures more often! Since I've been so bad at keeping up, here are some of my favorite things that I've found over the last month or so.. plus a few goodies from yesterday :)

I'll start with my oldest find, from a couple months ago that I was absolutely ecstatic about. This is a Fire-King 2000 Jade-ite pie plate. I know it's not vintage, but it's beautiful, and something I don't have to feel bad about using. Then my little 1/4 cup McKee measuring cup! A woman from Bellingham replied to my 'Looking for jadeite' Craigslist ad with these beauties.. so I got down there asap. At only 5 bucks a piece, I couldn't pass it up!

 Next is my new Fire-King Azureite chili bowl, to go with the 2 mugs I already had. I got this about a month or so ago from a woman on a Facebook swap group I'm apart of. I totally love the color of it. Once again, at 5 dollars I couldn't pass it up. Now I just need 2 more mugs and 3 more bowls before my OCD tells me I have sufficient Azureite haha.

A friend in North Vancouver managed to score 2 Fire-King Jade-ite mugs for me, at 99 cents a piece! I could NOT believe it, and was ridiculously excited. She deserves an award for the things she finds, I swear. 

 She also found me this pretty little Pyrex Opal 401! I'm really liking the plain white right now, and want to complete this set. I wish they weren't so hard to find!

I found these weird little fish s&p shakers yesterday, and couldn't leave them behind. They're by Giftcraft Japan and I think they are hilarious. I'll be putting these up for sale because not only do they not fit my decor, they creep me out ever so slightly.

I also found these mint condition Glasbake refrigerator dishes yesterday. It's the first ones I've ever seen, so I thought that was pretty cool. They don't have lids, but the dishes are perfect. These will be going up for sale too!

Last but not least. Most devastating find of the year?... Decade?.. This is a horrifically dishwashered Pyrex Delphite fridgie. This totally broke my heart, but for 2 bucks I couldn't leave it behind. I swear, putting Pyrex in the dishwasher should be against the law.

Here is my gross, cluttered dining room table that drives me insane each time I look at it. Everything you see is either for sale currently, or will be within the next couple days. If you see something you like, head on over to

And for good measure, here is our new kitten. She loves bathtubs as you can tell!

That's all for today! Take care xox

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pyrex Salvaging 101

Hello everyone! I apologize for the long absence. I've been extremely busy! I hope you all had great Easters though, and have been enjoying your first few days of Spring.

Have you ever found that perfect missing piece of Pyrex that you've been looking for FOREVER. Except it's completely ruined with black scratches, so you accept your disappointment and leave it. I've had many people approach me, asking me if there is any hope for these sad pieces. There is! I'm about to show you how you can transform a seemingly wrecked piece of Pyrex (or any other similar glassware) into a perfect piece!

I recently bought the missing pink 401, 402 and 403 bowls that I've been looking for forever, to go with my lonely 404, from a lovely lady in North Van who seems to have the exact same taste in Pyrex as myself! Only downfall is, they were in somewhat rough condition. I had complete faith I could fix them up good as new in no time.

There's my babies! Aren't they pretty? From afar maybe... Here's what they look like up close.

Heartbreaking isn't it? These black scratches come from when you store your bowls inside one another, and they bang around, creating those horrible black marks. If you DO store your bowls inside each other, be sure to line each one with a piece of paper towel, to save them from this horrible fate. If your bowls do look like this, there is hope.. in the form of Bar Keepers Friend!

That's it friends! That's the magic ingredient to save all those ugly Pyrex bowls. I got this for about 2.99 at Home Hardware. A can has lasted me quite a long time. Get a wet washcloth ready, and pour some BKF in a glass bowl. Do not let this come in contact with any metal, it will tarnish! I learned this the hard way, and wrecked a spoon, and left a few marks in my sink. If you wash it off immediately, you have nothing to worry about. Add water to your bowl, and stir it with your finger (wearing rubber gloves!). It should look like this:

It should be a very watery substance. Now dip your wet washcloth in the BKF mixture, and lightly buff the black marks until they disappear. It should happen quite quickly, so there's no need to rub hard, as it could damage the paint on your bowl.

Amazing isn't it?!

And here they are in all their glory! Beautiful from afar AND up close :) Now go buy some Bar Keepers Friend and beautify all of your scratched Pyrex!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Childhood Memories

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well :)

I was recently over at my moms house, and I guess she's been doing a bit of cleaning and organizing lately. She told me she went through her closet and found a bunch of my old Barbie stuff, and a few random things that I used to love when I was little. It definitely brought back a lot of memories seeing all these little things again. Something that had once meant SO much, I had completely forgotten about.

Now a lot of this stuff is quite a bit older than me. My mom and I have been thrifting together since I was little, and so a lot of these things are just thrifted things I picked out. All of the Barbie things are from the 1970's I believe!

First up are these insanely awesome vintage Barbie cases. I only got pictures of the outsides, but the insides of them are just as cool. The larger one has 3 slots, that fit 3 barbies, while the smaller one just fits one. They both have little 'closets' in them to hang the clothes, and little accessory drawers to put any shoes or trinkets. I absolutely loved these when I was little.

Next up is this adorable set of homemade Barbie furniture. I specifically remember my mom purchasing this at a storage container sale. The kinds where if someone doesn't pay the rent on their storage container after so long, the contents get sold in a garage sale type thing. I totally wish they still did this! It makes me kind of sad, because I remember my mom buying a gigantic box of Barbie stuff, with this furniture in it. Some little girl lost all of her treasures because her parents didn't pay the rent, definitely sad!

The furniture itself is definitely different. I have NO idea what this process is called, so if someone could help me, that would be great. The only way to explain it is thread woven through pieces of plastic with holes in it? That's the best I can do haha. But you can tell a lot of work went into it, and I love it to bits.

Now for the actual Barbie! I don't think I actually ever was allowed to play with this one. But she's definitely old, from the 1970's. I couldn't believe how much detail was put into her outfit and earrings. Even her little jeans have a zipper, and the coat has the tiniest little button! Even after all these years, the ends of her ponytail and her bangs are perfectly curled. I'd love to know what Mattel uses in their Barbies hair, because my hairspray lasts 1 hour, not 40+ years! Here she is!

And last but not least! This little guy was my absolute favorite, from what I hear. This bunny, which I called 'Buddy', was with me at all times. I carried the poor thing around by it's neck, so as you can see.. there isn't a whole lot of support there anymore. There's literally no fur in there at all.

I really hope I have a little girl someday, so I can pass off all these cute little treasures to her. I had a lot more Barbie stuff, that was actually hand-me-downs from my aunt, but she ended up having 3 girls, so it was all given back to her. There was some cool stuff in there!

I'd love to see your favorite childhood toys, or even hear about them. Post about them in the comments below :)

Have a great day xox

Monday, 4 March 2013

Some of my very favorite things

Hello there! It's been a while. I hope you all have been doing wonderfully. In todays blog, I'm going to be sharing a few.. okay a lot.. of my most favorite things ever. I hope you enjoy!

This first piece is the piece that started my vintage glass obsession. It's a Fenton compote in the Orange Tree pattern from 1972. The color is Rosalene. After a bit of research, I found that all Rosalene glass actually has real gold in it! It's then heated until it turns a beautiful pink color, which is why the color is inconsistent throughout the compote. The inside of the bowl is actually a considerably darker pink. I love it! My mother got this for me at an auction last year, and ever since, I've had my pink obsession.

Six months later.. my pink obsession has grown considerably...

Oh pink Pyrex, how I love you so. I originally started collecting the Pink Gooseberry pattern. I knew if I didn't set a limit for myself, I'd collect every pattern. I then acquired the pink 404, and decided I'd allow myself to collect ALL pink Pyrex. Recently, as written in a past blog, I came across the promotional Pink Scroll Pyrex space saver WITH holder and had to buy. Here's my collection up close thus far.

Next is my beautiful Hazel Atlas 'Pink Crinoline' dishes. I got this in a trade with a friend over at (go check her out, she's wonderful!). It then started yet another addiction. I absolutely love the adorable beaded handles. This set also came in turquoise and opal. Both equally as lovely, but I do love my pink :) Here's an up-close shot of them.

Okay I lied. I may or may not have a TINY little collection of Amish Butterprint as well :) Only the 401 and 402. The 401 was one of the first pieces of Pyrex I got, and it was found by my fiance, who learned way quicker than I expected! He was so proud of it, so I told him I'd never sell it. I recently came upon the 402 from a friend on a Facebook swap group, as well as the little casserole. On the top shelf is a beautiful milk glass and amethyst vase/candy dish/compote that I got from Lucky and Lous here in Chilliwack. Totally love it. And last but not least, my beloved Fire-King Jadeite bowls from my grandma, along with a lone C-handle Fire-King mug. Very eastery colors :)

Next is my collection of Fire-King milk glass, gold trimmed swirl dishes. I totally love them, and think they look so classy. I recently had a dinner party and used only these dishes. They look great :)

Next is the cute little vintage mug tree my mom gave me recently. I used it to put my Fire-King mugs on. 2 milk glass, 2 Jadeite and 2 Azureite. Love! I've got 2 of these for sale in my shop if anyone is interested in a mug tree :)

Next are my Fire-King Sapphire Blue Philbe dishes. A few of these are from deep within my moms kitchen cupboards, and a few I picked up in my travels. I totally love the beautiful blue color of these dishes, as well as the gorgeous ornate patterns on them. Here is a picture of my small collection, as well as a close up of the pattern.

I got this gorgeous pair of silver inlay bowls from my mom as well. I swear her house is a treasure chest of beautiful vintage glassware. The silver on them has tarnished a bit, but I think I'll leave it that way for a while. It adds to the vintage-ness of them (I create my own words every so often).

Last but not least, my Federal Glass snack set from the 1950's. I picked these up a long time ago and haven't been able to part with them. Everyone knows I love milk glass, but who could resist the adorable pattern?! I'm not entirely sure what the pattern is called, as everyone seems to call it something different. The most common name I've seen is 'Atomic Flower/Atomic Maple', so I'll stick with that. Either way, I totally love them.

And those are all my favorite things! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do.

I'd love to see YOUR favorite things. Post pictures of them in comments and tell me why they are your favorite things. Seeing other peoples treasures is just as enjoyable for me :)

Take care! xox